Michael Wilkinson, Chef

Chef de Cuisine, Mike Wilkinson of Trebol Restaurant

Chef de Cuisine, Trebol Restaurant

Michael has studied French, Japanese, and Mexican cuisines throughout his lifetime and travels. He has lived in Utah, New Mexico and has made Portland, Oregon his home for the past 14 years.

Michael worked at Higgin’s Restaurant in Portland for 10 years, where he developed a passion for the beautiful local produce and bountiful ingredients that are the hallmarks of Greg Higgin’s forward thinking philosophies.

In 2007, he teamed up with Higgin’s co-worker Kenny Hill to help shape the creative Oaxacan cuisine with a Pacific Northwest twist that is the essence of Trebol.

Through his past experiences and training, he has refined his sense of awareness in his cooking practices and harbors a deep respect for the land and people who help to nurture and harvest our many local treasures. He strives to educate others in these practices in the hope that we may preserve our unique and special landscape here in the Northwest.

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